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Here at Avalanche adventure we host a monthly Pay & Play day. This offers 4×4 owners a chance to really have some fun and put their own 4×4 to the test.  Driving green lanes is one thing, but our specially sculpted quarry, packs in many varied terrain challenges, all on one site.

  • Drive your own 4×4
  • 10 acres quarry and associated woodland
  • Must be a 4×4 vehicle (no quads or motorbikes)
  • We are not liable for any damage!


4x4 Pay and Play

Addtional Driver


If you wold like to take part in our pay and play day, please email us (DO NOT CALL) at: and include details of the following:

  • Full name of driver
  • Full postal address
  • Mobile number
  • Type of vehicle
  • Vehicle Registration

We reserve the right to refuse entrance & entry to any vehicle or person. The events always run well and 99% are friendly and well behaved, but we will not be tolerating ANY bad conduct or driving that endangers others.

Also, on this point: this is for 4×4 vehicles ONLY. Quad bikes or other non-roll cage ATV’s are NOT permitted.

Quarry gates open at 9am, and then stay open until 3:15pm. The cafe will be open only from 9:30am until 1:30pm and will be serving the regular faire of traditional cooked breakfasts, bacon rolls and of course burgers.

Basic Instructions for 4×4 Pay and Play Days

At Avalanche Adventure we strongly advise that drivers have a chat with one of our specialist instructors before they use a vehicle on our site. By doing this, we ensure that you understand the capabilities of the vehicle so that it can be used in the safest way possible.

It’s also a great day out with friends. This isn’t just because we operate a café on site, offering hot food & drinks, more that we welcome spectators, photographers and those looking to try their hand at off-roading for the first time. If you don’t have an off roader yourself, we’re happy to have you accompany a friend that does. Yup there’s just a small extra charge for additional drivers. It’s a great opportunity for a seasoned 4×4’er, to give a newcomer personal tuition.

Many people who own an SUV or even, full off-road vehicle, never or rarely get to put it through its paces. These days offer the chance to rectify that, or just give the full playground of mud experience to those desiring that freedom. On each of these open day events, everyone is catered for. Assistance & advice given plus help gladly offered, should vehicles get stuck. It’s honestly what a lot of regulars live for: the chance & challenge to put their winching skills to the test and help fellow off roaders out.

Struggling to choose?

Let us do the hard work for you, click the link below and follow the instructions. We will get back to you with a suggested package within 2 working days.